Raspberry Keytone Slim xt – SCAM UPDATE!

Feeling somewhat relieved, that I was not the only fool to be scammed by this company! I do feel a little guilty that I am feeling pleased at not being the only idiot on the internet and that many 100’s of other people have also fallen for this scam!

The feeling of dread passes over me every time I log on to my online banking. Just when I think I have seen the last unauthorised transactions on my account and start to believe that maybe this time it will be ok! There would be yet another!  A sharp intake of breath and  ‘OMG’ screeching through my head along with another string of choice words that permeate the air blue, seems to be the norm these days!

As one of the latest scammed consumers and constantly being reminded by my not so sympathetic, although, ‘apparently’ far more intelligent and clued up members of my family  ‘only idiots fall for these scams!’  I have watched in dread, my not very substantial bank balance dwindle away to pennies! My head filled with my own desperate voice of endless recants getting ever more and more aggressive.  ‘Iinnocent transaction, taken advantage, It’s so unfair! Oh no, not again! I can’t believe it! Utterly ridiculous! Scandalous!! Outrageous!!  OMG!!!

OMG! DAMN IT! profanity, profanity, profanity!

The products were returned to the supplier as instructed by my bank using recorded delivery and for a further £3.00, next day delivery also. To my utter astonishment a day after they should have received the package, there it was back at my house in the hands of our friendly postman, requesting my signature! The person from the post office had ticked the box to say ‘Not There, Gone Away!

“So where does that leave me now?” I wonder!

My unsympathetic family, are unresponsive, apart from the odd tut or muttering of, ‘serves you right or it’s your own fault’, whilst continuing about their day totally unconcerned!  So rather than share my ranting’s or should I say, my negative feelings (much more polite). ” Well, No, I don’t think so!” The truth is that my feelings, ranting’s or ‘negative’ thoughts are anything but polite they are in fact downright abusive! I have spent hours, using a diverse selection of very colourful words in an effort to create the most insulting statement of all time!  So this whole ridiculous SCAM has not only, robbed my bank balance, caused me so much hassle and stress, used up valuable time from a not so young women, but it has also robbed me of my sanity! I am gorging and drowning in a glossary of derision trying to satisfy an insatiable desire to find the right words that unmasks their disgraceful ethics and shameful conduct, dishonour and stigmatise their extremely profitable venture and make sure that they gain the notoriety they so deserve! I want to warn and protect people and cause them a ruination!

OH AND…needless to say…

to make me feel a whole lot better!!

I think it’s beginning to work already!

Best regards


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