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Hello to the world of bloggers! This is a new experience and venture for me!

As the world of technology gets evermore popular and the 21st century becomes more and more steeped in what I have always thought of as ‘the mysterious world of electronic technology!’ I am finding it ever more difficult to ignore this foreign and  ‘mysterious world’ of the internet or world wide web. It is now a part of everyone’s life, regardless of whether one wants it or not. It has become, in this age, the norm, along with electronic communication, commerce, social networking, blogging etc. All this foreign language to me, is now accepted by the majority and is no longer thought of as some futuristic world of fictional make believe! People no longer think of it as, amazing, incredible or unbelievable, as they once did. The majority of today’s society are in no doubt, they know it’s for real and it’s here to stay.

The younger generation in particularly, seem to be so at ease and in tune with this technological world, it’s as though, somehow, they are born with this natural ability, to the extent that, if I didn’t know better, I would swear, that the instinctive ability and understanding they seem to possess, must for certain be a part of the unique coding of their DNA. I can only explain this strange phenomenon as the genetically inherited ability, has without a doubt skipped a generation!

For myself and many of the older and even older generations, it has been a very steep learning curve! One that many are reluctant or even scared to try and master. To them this confusing and alien world of technology is still like something from a futuristic sci-fi programme and yet even the eldest members of our society are now mastering the mobile phone. Time moves on, progress is made.

The realisation, for me, that It was high time I got on board with this alien world of technology and stop being afraid of it. Came to me quite suddenly and in an instant, I knew I had no choice, I was being left behind!

I love my mobile, but to me it is a phone and at best I can text message with it, however, my four year old grandson asked me to download a game for him. A fleeting thought of ‘oh no, I don’t know whether I can’ shot through my mind. Surely, it couldn’t be that difficult? Some time later, possibly 10 to 15 minutes, still struggling and muttering under my breath, I was shocked and amazed to hear this little voice say, with a huge sigh and a shrug of his shoulders, ‘give it me grandma, I’ll sort it!’ And he did! I was so amazed and impressed, I was bursting with pride and glee, although, at the same time, feeling somewhat old and rather useless myself. I was convinced… he’s a genius! We have a genius in the family, I thought. How wonderful, how blessed, I am, to have such a gifted and talented grandson!

Whilst, I still think my grandson is extremely clever and talented and I still burst with pride at his achievements, my daughter keeps telling me and insisting that all four year olds can do these amazing things!

And so here I am ‘blogging’ I think! I will from today, make big efforts to complete all my own techno thingy’s and I will not automatically, shout to my eldest son  ‘William, come and sort this for me!’ I will no longer listen to and endure the now well known, despairing rants from my son of ‘for goodness sake mother, get into the 21st century!’  No more ‘pft’s and tut’s!’ I will no longer shy from or fear this unknown, world anymore. I shall embrace and welcome it! Although, I think, perhaps it would be prudent to keep my son on hand, to sort out the inevitable mess, I will no doubt find myself in from time to time.


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