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About me

Hi I’m Debbie a 50 year old mother of four and grandmother of two. I have always been a working mum, although when the children were young, I was a stay at home mum for the most part but did work part time hours in the evening or on the weekend when their father was at home. I went to work full time once they were all in school.  My children are now all grown up, with the exception of my youngest, a surprise blessing after a fourteen year gap!

I am extremely proud of my children who have all thankfully turned out to be polite, decent, upstanding members of society! For which I do not mind taking some of the credit along with their father. Parenting is a trial and error experience with no definable rights or wrong. One must go with instinct and do the best you can. Even then things can go wrong!

My work life

My working life consists of every type of job under the sun, shop work, bar work, office work, even factory work. With no qualifications to speak of, I realised I was never going to have a career. I wanted a job that would challenge me, something that I enjoyed and was interested in, something that was important, something that I could be good at and at the same time make a difference. I wanted a job that was satisfying, fullfilling and rewarding. A job that commanded respect and paid a decent wage! And so, in the late 1990’s I returned to the world of education. I started a part time degree course with The Open University. After a couple of years I became impatient and realised I needed to study full time, so I got a GCSE in Maths and English and became a full time student at university studying sciences. In 2002 I achieved a first class Bachelor of Science degree and qualified as a high school science teacher. A job that I have been doing ever since.

My interests and ambitions

My interest in science started at school with biology and living things in particular human biology.  At university my interest in chemistry and physics bloomed and over the thirteen years I have been teaching, I have developed a totally equal interest, appreciation and fascination of ALL things scientific, be it biology, chemisty or physics. Science is riveting, intriguing, enthralling, captivating, stimulating and enlightening. Science excites, enthuses and motivates me as well as mystifies me! It is awesome!

In addition to my obvious love of science there is a very creative side to my personality. I have a love of drawing, painting and other crafty ventures, although not naturally talented in the arts, I have managed to produce some items that are, by no means, master pieces but are ok, passable. I also enjoy reading and creative writing. I have a desire to write a book, a novel, with a particular interest in the genre of crime and forensics.

Finally, a very important part of my life, which may, to some seem contradictory to my love of science, is my faith and belief in God. I believe that everything in existence was designed and created by an Almighty God! I believe the Bible is the word of God and that Jesus Christ is the son of God, who died for the sins of man kind, as a ransom sacrifice, so that we might be saved from death.

That being said, I am not a religious person and I do not believe in any of the organised religions or faiths. I do not believe that there is any religion on Earth that fullfills scriptural truths and I am not convinced that any religious organisation has received the blessing of God’s Holy Spirit.


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