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Hi I’m Debbie a 50 year old mother of four and grandmother of two. I have always been a working mum, although when the children were young, I was a stay at home mum for the most part but did work part time hours in the evening or on the weekend when their father was at home. I went to work full time once they were all in school.  My children are now all grown up, with the exception of my youngest, a surprise blessing after a fourteen year gap!

I am extremely proud of my children who have all thankfully turned out to be polite, decent, upstanding members of society! For which I do not mind taking some of the credit along with their father. Parenting is a trial and error experience with no definable rights or wrong. One must go with instinct and do the best you can. Even then things can go wrong!

My work life

My working life consists of every type of job under the sun, shop work, bar work, office work, even factory work. With no qualifications to speak of, I realised I was never going to have a career. I wanted a job that would challenge me, something that I enjoyed and was interested in, something that was important, something that I could be good at and at the same time make a difference. I wanted a job that was satisfying, fullfilling and rewarding. A job that commanded respect and paid a decent wage! And so, in the late 1990’s I returned to the world of education. I started a part time degree course with The Open University. After a couple of years I became impatient and realised I needed to study full time, so I got a GCSE in Maths and English and became a full time student at university studying sciences. In 2002 I achieved a first class Bachelor of Science degree and qualified as a high school science teacher. A job that I have been doing ever since.

My interests and ambitions

My interest in science started at school with biology and living things in particular human biology.  At university my interest in chemistry and physics bloomed and over the thirteen years I have been teaching, I have developed a totally equal interest, appreciation and fascination of ALL things scientific, be it biology, chemisty or physics. Science is riveting, intriguing, enthralling, captivating, stimulating and enlightening. Science excites, enthuses and motivates me as well as mystifies me! It is awesome!

In addition to my obvious love of science there is a very creative side to my personality. I have a love of drawing, painting and other crafty ventures, although not naturally talented in the arts, I have managed to produce some items that are, by no means, master pieces but are ok, passable. I also enjoy reading and creative writing. I have a desire to write a book, a novel, with a particular interest in the genre of crime and forensics.

Finally, a very important part of my life, which may, to some seem contradictory to my love of science, is my faith and belief in God. I believe that everything in existence was designed and created by an Almighty God! I believe the Bible is the word of God and that Jesus Christ is the son of God, who died for the sins of man kind, as a ransom sacrifice, so that we might be saved from death.

That being said, I am not a religious person and I do not believe in any of the organised religions or faiths. I do not believe that there is any religion on Earth that fullfills scriptural truths and I am not convinced that any religious organisation has received the blessing of God’s Holy Spirit.


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Raspberry Keytone Slim xt – SCAM UPDATE!

Feeling somewhat relieved, that I was not the only fool to be scammed by this company! I do feel a little guilty that I am feeling pleased at not being the only idiot on the internet and that many 100’s of other people have also fallen for this scam!

The feeling of dread passes over me every time I log on to my online banking. Just when I think I have seen the last unauthorised transactions on my account and start to believe that maybe this time it will be ok! There would be yet another!  A sharp intake of breath and  ‘OMG’ screeching through my head along with another string of choice words that permeate the air blue, seems to be the norm these days!

As one of the latest scammed consumers and constantly being reminded by my not so sympathetic, although, ‘apparently’ far more intelligent and clued up members of my family  ‘only idiots fall for these scams!’  I have watched in dread, my not very substantial bank balance dwindle away to pennies! My head filled with my own desperate voice of endless recants getting ever more and more aggressive.  ‘Iinnocent transaction, taken advantage, It’s so unfair! Oh no, not again! I can’t believe it! Utterly ridiculous! Scandalous!! Outrageous!!  OMG!!!

OMG! DAMN IT! profanity, profanity, profanity!

The products were returned to the supplier as instructed by my bank using recorded delivery and for a further £3.00, next day delivery also. To my utter astonishment a day after they should have received the package, there it was back at my house in the hands of our friendly postman, requesting my signature! The person from the post office had ticked the box to say ‘Not There, Gone Away!

“So where does that leave me now?” I wonder!

My unsympathetic family, are unresponsive, apart from the odd tut or muttering of, ‘serves you right or it’s your own fault’, whilst continuing about their day totally unconcerned!  So rather than share my ranting’s or should I say, my negative feelings (much more polite). ” Well, No, I don’t think so!” The truth is that my feelings, ranting’s or ‘negative’ thoughts are anything but polite they are in fact downright abusive! I have spent hours, using a diverse selection of very colourful words in an effort to create the most insulting statement of all time!  So this whole ridiculous SCAM has not only, robbed my bank balance, caused me so much hassle and stress, used up valuable time from a not so young women, but it has also robbed me of my sanity! I am gorging and drowning in a glossary of derision trying to satisfy an insatiable desire to find the right words that unmasks their disgraceful ethics and shameful conduct, dishonour and stigmatise their extremely profitable venture and make sure that they gain the notoriety they so deserve! I want to warn and protect people and cause them a ruination!

OH AND…needless to say…

to make me feel a whole lot better!!

I think it’s beginning to work already!

Best regards


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Unethical Sales Promotion of Ketone Slim XT and Prima Cleanse


Ketone Slim XT and Prima Cleanse Diet – An Incredible weight loss formula, completely natural and 100% pure. Burn real fat in 30 days or less!

Get the Whole Weight Loss Formula for a Special Price TODAY! Only £3.95 per Bottle!

I have to say this promotion really got me thinking that for £3.95 a bottle it would be daft not to try it. After all if it didn’t work, it was hardly going to break the bank or so I thought!

The order arrived some time later, not in a desperate rush,  I decided it was perhaps best not to start the formula straight away, as a teacher, stuck in a classroom for most of my time, I couldn’t afford any upset tummy or other side effects that would be impossible to manage. So I decided to wait for a convenient time when I knew I had no work or other important commitments!

 I started the course on a weekend taking the recommended 1 table per day for each supplement. Apart from a little reflux and slight taste of the tablets, there appeared to be no problems. So just a matter of getting them into my system, I thought and ‘hey presto!’ As the advert claimed, I would watch the weight drop off!

I took my second lot of tablets on the Sunday, again without any problems other than the odd burp, tasting of the tablet! I couldn’t wait to see if it would work on my bloated tummy, which was really my one and only weight problem.

During Sunday evening I felt a little off sorts, bit sickly and a little uncomfortable, nothing too dramatic! I went to bed hoping I wasn’t coming down with anything and never gave a thought to the ketone tablets I had taken. At some point during the night I was woken with the most awful tummy ache and had to run to the bathroom, as though I was Usain Bolt in the Olympics! Fortunately I made it! Unfortunately, I spent the rest of the night sat there! The dreadful diarrhoea was unrelenting! Without being too descriptive, I lost a lot of fluid! And had an extremely sore bottom! Bleeding in fact! I was still in the bathroom around the time I needed to leave for work, if I was to make it in time for the first bell. There and then I realised this was the ketone and decided no way was I taking any more!

Although, I was in quite a bit of pain and could hardly walk straight, after exiting the bathroom, I did actually make it to work, almost on time! I was sort of OK for the rest of the day, apart from the odd gurgling and tummy ache. I did not take any more of the tablets and soon after I was back to normal. Normal that is until I saw my online banking account!

Health boutique £93 card payment…what the eck! I thought, what’s that? who are they? I didn’t buy this, what ever it is? I’ve not got a clue, I would never spend that amount without knowing what it was for.

Turns out that the so called trial offer of ketone slim and prima cleanse came with the added inclusion of a monthly subscription! The minute you make the order you agree to their terms! Gutted! to say the least, the tablets had made me ill and in no way was I going to take any more of them! Then I find out that instead of the £3.95 each, trial price that I thought I had signed for, I was in fact being scammed! I had inadvertently agreed to pay stupid money for the ongoing delivery of the formula!

Incidentally, this was two weeks after the initial delivery of the formula and I have not received any further deliveries! After contacting my bank and finding out that because it was a debit card purchase and I had agreed to the terms they were unable to do anything about it other than cancel the payments. I was dismayed to find out that two weeks later another £89 was taken from my account in the name of ‘fit boutique’ this time! And still no further deliveries, as if I wanted them anyway! I still had two almost full bottles of the stuff left, untaken!

I feel extremely annoyed that I have allowed myself to be taken for a fool and for not scrolling down the page to see the terms and agreement of the trial offer!

My bank informed me that these type of offers are now prolific and that people were being scammed left right and centre, thinking that they are paying merely for negligible delivery charges or an extremely reduced price, only to find out that in fact they have agreed to pay ridiculous amounts of monthly payments, that never in a month of Sunday’s would they have agreed to had they known!

I am absolutely disgusted by the unethical way in which these companies are operating and that innocent people who cannot afford and would never have agreed to such terms are being taken advantage of!

This has been a very shocking realisation of the corrupt commercial industry prevalent today! I am now extremely reluctant to purchase anything online for fear of missing the small print. Once a company has your card details they can use them at their will! Beware, you innocent, naïve consumers! All is NOT what it seems!


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Hello to the world of bloggers! This is a new experience and venture for me!

As the world of technology gets evermore popular and the 21st century becomes more and more steeped in what I have always thought of as ‘the mysterious world of electronic technology!’ I am finding it ever more difficult to ignore this foreign and  ‘mysterious world’ of the internet or world wide web. It is now a part of everyone’s life, regardless of whether one wants it or not. It has become, in this age, the norm, along with electronic communication, commerce, social networking, blogging etc. All this foreign language to me, is now accepted by the majority and is no longer thought of as some futuristic world of fictional make believe! People no longer think of it as, amazing, incredible or unbelievable, as they once did. The majority of today’s society are in no doubt, they know it’s for real and it’s here to stay.

The younger generation in particularly, seem to be so at ease and in tune with this technological world, it’s as though, somehow, they are born with this natural ability, to the extent that, if I didn’t know better, I would swear, that the instinctive ability and understanding they seem to possess, must for certain be a part of the unique coding of their DNA. I can only explain this strange phenomenon as the genetically inherited ability, has without a doubt skipped a generation!

For myself and many of the older and even older generations, it has been a very steep learning curve! One that many are reluctant or even scared to try and master. To them this confusing and alien world of technology is still like something from a futuristic sci-fi programme and yet even the eldest members of our society are now mastering the mobile phone. Time moves on, progress is made.

The realisation, for me, that It was high time I got on board with this alien world of technology and stop being afraid of it. Came to me quite suddenly and in an instant, I knew I had no choice, I was being left behind!

I love my mobile, but to me it is a phone and at best I can text message with it, however, my four year old grandson asked me to download a game for him. A fleeting thought of ‘oh no, I don’t know whether I can’ shot through my mind. Surely, it couldn’t be that difficult? Some time later, possibly 10 to 15 minutes, still struggling and muttering under my breath, I was shocked and amazed to hear this little voice say, with a huge sigh and a shrug of his shoulders, ‘give it me grandma, I’ll sort it!’ And he did! I was so amazed and impressed, I was bursting with pride and glee, although, at the same time, feeling somewhat old and rather useless myself. I was convinced… he’s a genius! We have a genius in the family, I thought. How wonderful, how blessed, I am, to have such a gifted and talented grandson!

Whilst, I still think my grandson is extremely clever and talented and I still burst with pride at his achievements, my daughter keeps telling me and insisting that all four year olds can do these amazing things!

And so here I am ‘blogging’ I think! I will from today, make big efforts to complete all my own techno thingy’s and I will not automatically, shout to my eldest son  ‘William, come and sort this for me!’ I will no longer listen to and endure the now well known, despairing rants from my son of ‘for goodness sake mother, get into the 21st century!’  No more ‘pft’s and tut’s!’ I will no longer shy from or fear this unknown, world anymore. I shall embrace and welcome it! Although, I think, perhaps it would be prudent to keep my son on hand, to sort out the inevitable mess, I will no doubt find myself in from time to time.

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